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Cultivating Ease

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Exactly what is Ease, anyway?

I'm convinced we all know deep down, what it is. It's part of us. When we're small we simply live it without being aware that we are. The problem is that as we grow, we grow away from that initial easy mobility. The good news: it's part of how we're constructed - and if we allow, can become our daily experience. Being comfortable in your body; Feeling free to move without fear of stiffening up. Here are some descriptors, I'm sure you can think of more:

* Freedom from excess tension

* Decreasing pain

* Greater mobility

* Greater range of movement

* More available energy

* Clarity of thought

* Resilience

Every time I move, I'm either getting freer, more energized with clearer thinking or I'm becoming tighter, more stressed; and in extreme cases, confused, pained, angry or fearful. Ease is a direction, not a destination.

In short, ease is the foundation of your better life. Join me via Zoom, 7PM (EDT) October 15th

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