It's Hard to Make a Change

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

It takes effort to make anything happen, that's just common sense right? But if the choice you want to make is to move, to act, to live more effortlessly, then trying harder won't work.

To truly make a change, to do things differently is to do something outside of our experience. When we want to move outside of what we know, our old way of doing things just won't work. We'll continue to get the results we always get.

To move beyond our experience requires something different. The way to begin is by thinking differently. TheCycle is a simple approach to cultivating ease in the moment by thinking differently.

Come and join us each weekday at 10 AM Eastern Time as we take a few minutes to explore what happens when we employ constructive thinking. We five are Alexander Technique teachers engaged in expanding and refining the sensory experience of ourselves in our bodies, and committed to sharing what we learn with others. You're invited to take part as we practice this simple exercise in constructive thinking: TheCycle, s etude of Primal Alexander, Mio Morales' approach to the Alexander Technique.

Each Weekday, Monday through Friday at 10 AM Eastern time, the meeting will be hosted by one of these five Alexander Technique Teachers:

Monday - Peter Legowski

Tuesday - Kim Cary

Wednesday - Susan Allen

Thursday - Daniela Sangiorgio

Friday - TBA

Spend a few minutes in active relaxation. It's on Zoom, and here's how:

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