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Shouldering Ease

There is no doubt about it, the shoulder is a complex joint. So much so much so that there is a movement among some Alexander Technique teachers to abolish the shoulder entirely! While it's true that the arm begins at the chest and extends to the fingertips, I think the complexity of arm and torso movement is awesome and can be appreciated in its own right.

  • Three in one - anatomically the shoulder consists of three joints involving the sternum, clavicle or collarbone, scapula or shoulder blade and the humerus.

  • The only bony connection to the torso is between the collarbone and the breastbone.

  • The bone of the upper arm - humerus, connects to the shoulder blade which floats on the back ribs and it is that scapula bone that connects with the clavicle.

I think it's beautiful how these bony connections form something like a chain that allows an amazing range of movement.

Shoulder and Torso showing right rib cage, shoulder and upper arm bones.
Shoulder with clavicle highlighted in green. Image from Essential Anatomy V on IOS (Highly recommended!)

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